Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Darko and I am an NLP trainer in the NLP Energy House. Why am I here? Once I went to an NLP training by chance and realized how much it could offer to me. I carried on, and my desire for learning, development and change has led me to becoming a trainer.

Since I know what NLP offers, I want to support others on their way of change, who might be facing the same or similar situations. I want to help them remove their own blockades, in the same way I removed mine, as well as to free themselves and unlock their potential, just as I did.

I live my life as it is today thanks to NLP. The life I created myself. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s demanding, but it’s just the way I created it and how I wanted it to be.

From my own experience, I realized that we cannot do some things alone. We need someone who has already undergone some personal or professional development, and who can support us and help us persevere in our own path of development.

When you go to a fitness center for the first time, you see all the great equipment, but you do not know how to properly use it and you need an instructor. In both physical and mental terms, you need a trainer who will be there, by your side, when needed.

You might have heard that people are used to learning from their own mistakes. With professional help this does not have to be the case. You can avoid making the biggest and most terrible mistakes – the ones that are repeated. We learn a lot from experience, but that experience does not have to be personal. You can observe how other people achieve success and then learn from their results. And this is exactly what NLP, among other things, offers – how to recognize the structure of success of others and make a transfer of knowledge and skills to your own situations.

One of the principles of NLP is that: Success has a structure.