Just wonder!

  • You would like to make your sales better.
  • Maybe you have asked yourself if there is some new way to approach your business and personal presentation.
  • You are ready to make some changes in your behavior

There are three aspects of good relation with clients and we will show you some ways to improve your skills.

  • We have created this conference to introduce to you some different approaches to clients and sales in general.
  • If you are wondering is there a perfect model, I will tell you there is not.
  • Every contact with the client is different but it is important that you are authentic and self-confident. 

You will learn how to:

Present yourself

Prepare authentic story of yourself

Listen and connect with your clients

Make your clients happy and satisfy

Keep yourself in good presentation state

If you buy your ticket till 14.08.2018 it will be at the price of 35 lei (9 € ). Price after that date will be 55 lei (14 €)

Trainer at this conference is Dr Darko Cvetković NLP Trainer & Coach, Reiki Teacher, Energy Coach.

For every comment or a question you can contact me at darko@nlpenergyhouse.com or via contact form on this site.