I have a few questions for you:

What kind of life you want to live?

How do you want to wake up every morning?

What job do you want to do?

How much time do you want to dedicate to yourself and your family?

What SUCCESS means for you?


Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used for relaxation and to reduce stress. It can also be used for healing. It is based on “laying hands” technique and on the belief that life energy flows through the body.

If a person has low life energy then they are susceptible to illnesses and stress.

If they have high energy, then the person feels healthier and happier.


It is designed for all those who constantly work on improving their own skills. In accordance with the curriculum of the IANLP Association from Switzerland you will get everything you need to put your all life areas in balance. Easy to apply and easy to learn, NLP is a methodology that has always produced good results.


Coaching is one way of supporting people in certain areas of life. Coach is a person with professional skills to support you in finding ways to achieve your goals, as well as to address your problematic situations. Unlike therapy, coaching is based on seeking solutions and resources for analysis and implementation.

“Darko exactly knows what he’s doing. He asks questions that lead us to the solution, and I like that.”

Dragan Adamović
Dragan AdamovićTelit Power DOO, Nishttps://telit.co.rs/

“Darko is spontaneous and affordable, and this is one of the main reasons why I enrolled NLP.”

Jelena Mitrović
Jelena MitrovićAIK bank

“If you need someone to “shake your shoulders” and “bring your mind”, you will not find a better person for that than Darko. 

Teodora Radosavljević
Teodora RadosavljevićStudent, Faculty of Electronic Eengineering, University of Nis

“Available, positive, smiling, with the desire to help everyone. Pleasant and positive, he motivates people in an incredible way. He has very positive energy and leaves us in a very good mood.”

Ivan Nikolić
Ivan NikolićMaster of Sociology

If you think you have potential that is not achieved and you know you can achieve more?

If you need new ways that will help you shine brighter at what you do?

Maybe it’s time to go on a new adventure?